Who will lend you between USD 500 and USD 50000 immediately

Who will lend you between USD 500 and USD 50000 immediately

Good Credit is a loan brokerage service that cooperates with several different bank loan services. Good Credit competes for loans on your behalf based on your application to various banks.

This allows you to compare loans easily and quickly across multiple banks. Good Credit has been in the Finnish loan market since 2014. It is owned by the Good Finance Group, the largest media group in the Nordic countries.

Loan Products

Loan Products

We give our loan products a rating of 9/10 because the Good Credit service offers a very large loan. Loan offers requested from several banks allow for effective customer bidding. There are several loan products and the customer can choose the payment time that suits them best. Loan consolidation is easy through Good Credit’s service.

Good Credit distributes loans in the amount of USD 500-50000. Good Credit partners determine for themselves the amount of the loan to be granted to the applicant, but the customer can apply for the loan with an accuracy of USD 100.

Loans are given a payout period of 1 to 15 years, and the customer can choose the payment period to one year.

Good Credit carries a number of different loan products. Good Credit can apply for, among other things, unsecured loans, corporate loans, and consumer credit. Different loan products have varying terms and conditions, which are specified with the loan offer.

Costs and interest


Costs and interest rates are rated at 9/10 in our estimates. The result of this estimate is increased by the cost of Good Credit’s brokerage loans, as they are inexpensive compared to the market average annual effective interest rate. In addition, Good Credit does not charge any fees to the applicant for arranging the loan, and the bank handles Good Credit’s fee. On the other hand, the complexity of the pricing in terms of the cost of opening an account and keeping the account lowers the points slightly.

Loans brokered by Good Credit usually have an annual interest rate of 8% to 27%. This is an indicative number that is specified for each loan service separately when the offer is made to the customer. The actual annual interest rate on Good Credit brokerage loans is the lowest on the market, often compared to the actual annual rate of 70-200%.

Good Credit does not charge a separate account management fee, but the bank that grants the loan may charge an opening fee and an account management fee. See the personal loan offer for details.

Loan Terms


We give our loan terms a rating of 9/10 because Good Credit’s loan terms follow the general policy of the market. The age limit is 20 years. Good Credit allows you to obtain several types of loans without collateral or guarantors, which increases your review score.

Applying for a loan must meet the following requirements: Finnish citizen over the age of 20, with credit history, personal mobile phone subscription, e-mail address and online banking codes.

An entry in your credit information will result in your bank rejecting your application. Good Credit itself does not accept or reject applications, but the lending bank.

It is possible to obtain loans up to USD 50,000 without any guarantees or collateral, provided that the customer’s repayment capacity is considered sufficient. The bank determines the solvency, not the Good Credit service.